Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy 90210 Day?

I have a confession. Even though i was more than willing to join in on the campiness of the date--to celebrate a well known teen soap from my youth--I HATED 90210. I mean, I would watch anything with a continuing story line but this show was like an emotional laxative to me--it made me shit out everything from my head.

I mean--I laugh when Tori Spelling was pushed down the stairs by her abusive boyfriend. I rooted for Brenda every time she even thought about cat fighting with Kelly. My favorite thing about the whole show was when Brenda had the fantasy about drowning Kelly Taylor in the pool after she came back from Paris to Dylan had cheated on her.

I was like--GO GIRL GO!

Now this sounds like I watched a lot of the show--I did not. i knew when the God awful was going to happen and turned in accordingly but for the most part avoided this drivel. The show was so heavy handed in it's messages, so up-right in it's morality, and the characters so dumb, unappealing and age inappropriate that I just wanted to die. To this day I would rather watch an episode of "7th Heaven" over the entire run of 90210.

So there. i've admitted my hatred and disdain. The only good thing that 90210 ever gave the world was Tori Spelling and that was only so she could go on to give her tour de force performance in the the television film "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger"

But outside of that? Nothing but bad bangs, bad side burns and a belief at 30 year olds can play 16 year olds. We still haven't gotten over that development yet!

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