Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 is Not A Number

Now that I am back to my "normal" life I was finally able to do something I had been dreading. For the past year and change I have been changing my eating habits, working out a regular basis and trying to put the effort in to be good to my body. However once BB sprung the promotion on me, things kind of fell apart.

Not that I went off the diet but my workout schedule collapsed on itself. I wasn't able to make the time for the gym or the DVr workouts from home. I fell back into drinking soda for a bit, I struggled with food choice from the food services and eventually I just broke down and cheated a bit more than I should of.

So I knew when I went to weigh myself on the Wii Fit that I would be looking at a different number. It had been 40 days since I weighed myself, 40 days of knowing there was something probably unpleasant waiting for me. But I decided to bite the bullet and get some answers.

5 pounds.

That's what I gained in the last forty days. Now there is one part of me that is bothered by that number. That now I know why certain things fit a bit different. That's where my abs went to hide. That's what you get with soda and chips and accidental bread intake.

But conversely, this was not the worst thing that could have happened. I know that with a little bit of effort, a return to standards and a mindful routine that I can knock this back into place. The body does respond to diet and exercse--it takes time and effort and planning to make real change. That I should be grateful that the number is not higher or more crushing.

After all, given all I have done thus far, 5 is not a number to worry about. It is just a bump in the road. I slight sidestep towards the things that I want. I can't let me think that it means everything else isn't possible. That would be self defeating.

I'm more about defeating other things

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