Sunday, June 06, 2010

Thank God I Don't Have A Jury of Peers

So of course I got called into jur duty. It happened on Thurday so I spent the night beofre a complete mess--on edge about missing work and losing money, concerned about the fact that Friday night I was supposed to head to downtown LA for the start of Kelly's birthday weekend and whether or not I would be free for the first day of BIg Brother and be able to sign my work contract.

I drove poor Johnno and Edie insane with my stress freakout.

And what was the real bummer about this situation was I was more than living to do jury duty eventually-just not now. I was looking forward to seeeing what it was all about, doing my duty, getting to see how the worked outside of an NBC tv show. it just couldn't be now.

So I headed to the courthouse in a foul mood--ready to pop if I was pushed too hard by the processs. But I did make the courthouse in record time, managaed to get through all my papeer work only to be told by one of the courthouse employees that my time could be rescheduled easily because i fell under the realm of hardship with the entire 'my job is ending during this time period so i will lose and not be able to make it up'. I was totally surprised because I went in with such a bad view and no hope and instead I was out of the courthouse in 20 minutes and off to work.

I made my own drama and then realized I am my own worst enemy. I could go and finish out my job, I would not lose any pay and could head off for the party and everything Ihad lined up easily. In otherowrds it took care of itself.

I have to learn to stop making myself crazy.

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jen said...

we're totally the same person sometimes.

except i think i may breakdown into tears more often.

i know exactly how you feel.