Sunday, June 06, 2010


Somehow I have been headhunted. I randomly recieved a call out of the blue room a production company tghat just wants to meet with em to talk about my future. it's not about a current position opening or something in the near future but a company that wants to discuss my acreer goals and see if we can fit together on some project down the line

This doesn't really happen in my line of work

Of course this is super nice bceause I have been feeling very slighted career-wise. The current job that is wrapping up as been driving me insane with all the work i am being asked to finish up alone-the pure amount is staggering and not possible and when I pointed this out i was told it was no big deal becasue they would just hire someone else easily. I'm a monkey to replaced obviously

Fuck you

So between the end of the RZP and my return to BB where there is no room for more growth--I have just been feeling so unimportant in what I do. It has been actually nice to heel like somebody wants to meet me, seees my career as something they want to be a part of and someone who is not just another position to fill because anyone can do it. But still it feels weird to be so sought after.

Being headhunted is a bit more exotic and let needed than I thought

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