Sunday, June 20, 2010

Like An Enrique Song

The gameplan for the night portion of Kelly's birthday pub crawl was to start off slow-the girls and I (as well as Johnny the husband) were going to have a quick dinner at the hotel before heading down to LA Live for drinks at Trader Vic's. The theme of the pub crawl was bars of different locals-Tropical with Trader Vic's, Middle Eastern with Hotel Figeroa and finally Irish with the beloved Casey's Pub.

What this meant was we had more to to eat at most of the locations as well as not dealing with lines or waiting for clubs or trendier place-a nice change from the year before. But this also gave us more free to drink pre pub rawl and when Pretty and I returned from out Little Tokyo trip we found that most of teh group had kept drinking after we had escaped for some culture.

Dinner was funny because everyone seemed to realzie it would be a bad idea to have cocktails with our meal--I imagine we drove the waiter insane with the amount of wtaer we drank through the hour or so and everyone seemed focused on filling up for the long night ahead. Of course, since most people were buzzed it was a fun time but it meant that we also had to haul butt for me and Pretty to be changed to hit the bars. We came back late from our trip and had no prep time for the day

So we sent Kelly and Johnny ahead to the bar-both tipsy and egaer to meet up with the guests waiting while the girls and I quickly changed and adjusted for the night time looks to come. I was a bit thrown by how drunk everyone was but managed to work in a drink for myself before we headed out of the hotel room and on our way down to the first stop.

Most of the evening was a bit of a blur-between the handfuls of people coming and going from the first stop--everyone seemed to be there with drinks in hand from Shannon and Lola down to Nolan and Dominic. People were mingling and snacking on bar food as Kelly asked for me to help direct people where to go as she was constantly being handled drinks and needed to hand off responsibilty. I was cool with it and had both Robin and Johnny trying to help but Johnny was a bit more than tipsy and Robin was a bit more overwhelmed by the crowds. So I took charge and began wrangling people to the next bar as they joined us before heading over myself-leaving people behind to close out bills and finish off food orders.

Now the rest of the night is not going to be described in depth but can best be described in lessons learned.

One, some hotels do not care when your friend throws up in the lobby because they are so drunk and cannot contain themsleves--mostly because said hotel had most all bathrooms blocked off for an African themed wedding party.

Two, when volunteering to take said drunk friend back to the hotel where one is staying you should make sure to take the room key from said person before turning your back on them at any given point.

Three, do not waste time arguing with a cab driver after helping clean out vomit because you will not win at all-instaed claim all items from the vechile, apologize profusely and take your friend upstairs-if not you will ned up eventually punching the cab driver, losing your drunken friend and debating how to discretely call your boyfriend to get him to come help you search the city for the drunken person.

Four, always check the hotel room even if you assume that there is no way that anyone in that condition can remember the room number, muchless mke their way to said room--they will be waiting.

And finally--do not ride in the elevator trying drunk person's cell phone when you already have said phone in your back pocket. It just makes you look drunk to the Eurasian Punk party you will share the elevator with.

But do realize that if you succeed at getting thing back under control that you will become the hero of the night. When, after you put said drunken person to bed and wait a half an hour sipping bubbly and reading Glamour to make sure they won't choked to death in their sleep, you reemerge in your new outfit at the last bar on the pub crawl everyone will by you drinks and sing your praises. Unless you twitter the whole time at which people you will be forced to own up to losing said drunken induvidual for 25 minutes which does take a bit of the shine off the halo.

But oustide of that-it was a great night with lots of crazy moments. Sometimes the best memories come from the least best moments and I am glad that I was able to do the right thing and still be rewarded for all my efforts

That and it felt bad ass to actually use my fist. Even if I had to ice my hand afterwards

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