Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Am Grateful

So this past week has been a bit crazy. Mostly due to the fact that I landed a new job exactly when I needed it but at the worst time in terms of LA weather. Because yeah it rained and rained.

This town falls part when it rains

So i had to figure out how I would get to my new job on foot without being destroyed by the rain. It's not like I had to worry about maing a good impression-I was a company I had worked for years ago and in a great location for me to get to but the simple goal of staying dry was kind of in my way. But i pulled it off and managed to not be too much off a hot mess even with the rip-away track pants.

YEp--I wore two pairs of pants to stay dry--and ripped one off in the elevator at the DGA building. How awkward.

But what really threw me off was that I then got a call for another job. From the BB family, for a junior story position. The kind of job I would have (still would in the future) killed for about a week before. So I froze up because I was so unsure to do. Do I walk from the new job that is a lesser position and bascically burn my bridge with the production company or do I stay with the sure thing. I called Valeska-who is my Miranda when it comes to work advice--and after some heavy breathing and thinking I realzied I was making it too complicated.

Cause I only needed to think with my wallet

The lower position would last three months or so while the new position would only be 3 or 4 weeks and I just couldn't afford to do that. I still spent the rest of day beating myself up not taking the story position (could this get me into story at BB?) but i knew that I did the smart thing. I am ambitious but not to the point of going broke--even though it feels like they go hand in hand.

But it is nice to be working. Not nice to readjusting to trying to get everything doen in my day. Ten hours at work plus commute plus wanting so much like writing and working out and relaxing--I need to do some balancing

But I am grateful for that

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jen said...

i had a similar work dilemma that stressed me out until i realized the same thing. i was making it more complicated then it really was. i, too, am back working, part time for now, but it's good to be employed again. oh, yeah rain too, but we're used to it. 7 days straight. i own galoshes and a rain slicker. i refuse to be part of the downtown umbrella problem.

and hey, i miss you. lot.