Thursday, January 07, 2010


So I have been dealing with phone issues…

I hate cell phones. I swore I would never have one until I took a job down the street from LA’s Skid Row and figured for safety I should just bite the bullet. It was hard and I didn’t want to do it…But as is always my way-I fell in love with my phone

It had big keys, was thick and hefty, and could have possibly saved my life in a gun battle. I grew to love it—so much so that when I was mugged and the phone stolen I constantly would search my room for it the first five minutes of every day.

But eventually the screen just died. It wasn't me, it was him--the phone him. Boo.

So I was forced to get another phone. I was annoyed about not being able to replace my old one and was not in the best mood when I went shopping for a replacement. I didn’t want to spend any money on the phone, wanted it done as quickly as possible so I settled for the simplest free phone they had.

Eventually I fell in love with the sleekness of my phone. The weight didn’t drag down my pants when I would forget to wear a belt. The camera was much better and even though it was a slippery little sucker—I grew to love this phone as well. But as all good relationships, it ended suddenly and without any warning. It just one day cracked apart at the seams.

It was rather sad.

It also couldn’t have come at a worse time. I was getting ready to leave for Seattle, not working and sort of funds due to Christmas. But I knew I needed a phone so I had no choice but to suck it up and deal. I was in a rush and in the process forgot to get a new adaptor or box for the phone. 50 dollars later and I was good to go.

And it seemed all was fine. Until two days later, when waiting for Johnno to call, I managed to drop the phone in my bathroom sink while shaving. Fortunately I sprung into action and snapped the phone out of the water, popped out the battery and stuck the phone in rice before shoving it into the fridge.

For the most part it worked. I had to wait two days but the phone was dried out and useable even if the back speaker was shot. Even time it rang it sounded like a death knell but it was good for talking and texting so I just sucked it up.

What I wasn’t expecting was this

Somehow my adaptor melted down and fell apart in my hands—no reason or cause that I could figure out. So once again-in less than a month—I was out of a phone. And since I did not get a new adaptor with the phone I had no way to charge the damn thing up.

Of course this is just a long story to justify this

Yes it is a new phone. I could have fought for a new adaptor or made an exchange but instead I went on-line, found a free phone, and spent the little bit of cash I had to get something new and exciting.

I think it is pretty and I might be in love.

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jen said...

ooooohhh pretty! I love having a full keyboard. I heart my phone. It looks like an old school calculator.