Friday, January 08, 2010

The Young Adult Gay Jane Austen

Last night Johnno and I had a writing night scheduled. We have been trying to do this for the last few months—get together and work on our separate thing but still having dinner and conversation so we can hang out. Sometimes it works well—other times it becomes focused on one person’s work as a discussion point. I feel bad because it tends to be mine.

I have realized that when it comes to my writing that I tend to go thick. I like to create worlds of characters, fleshed out pieces of time and plot, which can be a bit haphazard when juggling so much story. I think it is because my personal taste is for books where average people become entrenched in life changing moments; the story is as much about the details of day to day as it is about plot.

What this means is that I tend to really flesh out things to an extreme which I suspect is from my background of soap watching and love of drama. I can’t do a story with just 3 characters-it tends to usually be about 6 or 7 people with one as the lad but the other stories that intersect and impact each other. I write more about relationships in a sub culture than just a simple A to B plot.

But what I have even come more to realize during this process is the type of writer I want to be. For so long I have just said that I am a writer with no clear definition to that idea. But now I am being more focused on what ‘might’ be my style. Between that and finishing plotting out the back of my book—

I feel like I have made a huge step forward in my own path as a writer. Feels good.

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