Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Why You Got to Make Things Complicated?

I hate those moments when you are planning to hang out with people for something, like a dinner, and it occurs to you to make plans to hang out the next day. Something like this--you and Jane are having dinner with Scott, Chris, Mandy, Erika and you and Jane decide that you should totally go ice skating the next day with everyone but you don't have time to send an invite or email to everyone else though you plan to suggest it at your dinner.

But then you get an email from Scott (for example) saying that he wants Chris, Mandy, Erika, Jane and you to go skating later that weekend. Now the truth is you are already planning on going skating that weekend but you can't say 'Oh hey, Jane and I were planning on going skating so you guys should come' because it looks like you and Jane were sneaking off to go skating yourself and are now only including them by default. That's not what really happened but that is how it will look to people you haven't already talked to.

It sets up an idea that there is a ranking order to friends and who gets to do what when that wasn't really the point. So then you either say nothing and go along with Scott's plan or you still do what you want and rsik him thinking he wasn't included.

I hate when tenitive plans become about who was and wasn' included in the planning. It makes things seem more like a popularity contest then they are. I'm not sure if this makes sense but I can't help but feel bad in these type of catch 22.

Of course I could be overthinking things.

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