Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to Hollywood-What's Your Dream?

So Rosemary's trip has come to an end. We did a lot of stuff with her; lunch down by the beach and a stroll on Santa Monica Pier then dinner in Burbank while we ran party errands, then the girls and I took her to the Standard on Sunset and dancing in West Hollywood, Kelly and Valeska took her to a film premier of one of our friend's films and we all partied at Ali and Robin's on Saturday, Sunday Edie, Johnno and I took her down to Hollywood and Highland to find t-shirts for her foster daughter before driving her around Beverly Hills and even found her a celeb sighting at dinner. We finished off the trip with one last big hang out with Dominic, Johnny, Kelly, Valeska, Ali, Robin, Edie, Johnno and I at Kelly and Johnny's new house.

It was very packed and a good time.

The hardest part of trips like this is how it can sometimes make Los Angeles seem like one non-stop adventure. It looks likes bars and cute outfits, small talks in kitchens and walkable friends, late nights with all your friends and small brunches over which we rehash all the gossip. It's a million people with a million new places that can look like an everday occurance. It's not.

But when someone comes from far away, like Rosemary, who doesn't have the same support system or advanatges it can be very depressing. We're, for all of our drama and silliness, very lucky to have the friendships and closeness we experience here in Los Angeles. It can sometimes being overwhelming to all of us; it can feel like you're alway on the go and that it's nonstop.

And it is true.

I just feel bad because I feel so blessed to have the life I do. I feel guilty when someone, anyone, comes from out of town and sees how much we have. It is so easy to take for granted the nights of coffee, daytrips to the mall, that there is always someone close to call out to when you need it or be there in a jiffy. But it is also easy to glaze over the negative of the lifestyle we have. That we can be too close sometimes for our own good, that being ina group this huge forces people to not speak their minds sometimes and can feel like work when it comes to the social world.

But at the end of the day, it is so much more than what some people have. I hope that this visit pushed Rosmeary not to move to Los Angeles but to realize that she not only has good friends here but that she can make changes to get a more rounded life for herself. It was very hard to see how moved she was by what we have and to see her feel like she had so little. I wanted her to realzie that not only is what the group has unique but also that comes with its own pitfalls and price.

And while I would love if she could move out here and become a part of the Los Angeles group--she still has a place in it regardless. I want her to see that she can also make the steps to create her own verison of what we have here for herself. I know that she can be the girl is sings out loud with stereo to Lady Gaga, can find cute tops at Forever 21 if she wants, that people do like her and she can form new friendships like she did with Johnno and Valeska and that she has the abilty to be and do anything regardless of where she is.

If she did decide to move here, I hope she also saw how the social structure works. That while we have nights out and parties, it is also about the small moments that make up our lives. It is as much about grocery stores as it is drinks and traffic as much as it is shopping sprees. That we aren't perfect because we're all here together--it is still just as much work as anywhere else

But most of all? I guess what I am saying is that I hope that Rosemary had fun.

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