Monday, December 07, 2009

Moving Forward But Still A Bit Awkward

I love those moments in a new friendship--when you realize that you actually really like the company of someone and want to be more a part of their life. The type of person with whom you have an easy dynamic, instant connection and novel conversation--someone who just stumbles into your life and yet manages to fit in a such quick and easy manner. But there is always that little dance...

I think everyone at some point has had that person who 'wants to be your friend'. It's not obvious why but this person has taken a shine to you--a co-worker or friend's new relationship, a neighbor or even a good friend's outside friend--and all they want is to find a way to be buddies. It can get creepy when someone tries to force a relationship on you and can make you feel awkward and want to avoid that person. And most people feel slightly guilty about this, no one wants to be unliked but it can quickly turn from 'let's give it a shot' to 'please lose my email address, stay of my facebook page, don't text me at all'.

So when it comes to making a new friendship, I tend to be tenative because I don't want to risk coming off as one of those people. I try to take my cues from the other person; hug for hug, email for email, text for text. It is almost like a courting ritual in that it feels like there are so many steps.

And even with all of that--it is still nice to meet a new friend

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