Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Truths

Home Sweet Mystery Home

I have no interest in a normal home--whether it is a blue Christmas tree, Jesus plates or just random stacks of books and Etsy art prints--I don't like the standard quo. (But I am anal about everything having a place and in its place is where everything goes). So when it comes to the idea of an actual house, I have always been torn on whether or not I'd want to buy one because quite simply I don't want the normal 2 bedroom/2 baths and a yard.

                                                          Sarah Winchester is My Hero

I am more the small bungalow covered in ivy, the crooked walk-up on the edge of a cliff, brownstone by a bodega kind of guy... As such, one of my favorite things to do is stalk the streets of Los Angeles for weird buildings--mission style ranch houses with spiral staircases on the outside, huge ranch houses with courtyards in the middle of them, 3 story buildings by freeway exit ramps... They all intrigue me and my sense of adventure.

                                                                 I Blame Barbary Lane

I wonder who designed them, what type of people lived there, how they lived in such odd spaces and why. I don't want something nice and easy-but something that tells a story that I have to live in to figure out and make my own. There is something scary and exciting about taking ownership of something so complex--which I want more than the average home. And so I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect little mystery to solve...

Like this one here:

This appears to be the guest house of a small home in the neighborhood my friend Kelly lives.. The building is quite tiny and yet has a balcony, spiral staircase and a turreted entrance and that's just what can be seen from the street. There is no way this building is up to code, it probably has no storage to speak of, and leaks like a sieve but yet it is my dream home... Paint it  warm orange-ish tan, grow some ivy on the outside and some stained glass in the window over the entrance and I would never want to leave

I wish it was okay to knock on people's doors and ask to look around because this place fascinates me. But that would be creepy and weird and crossing a line or two...

Plus it is probably a couple of million dollars anyways

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