Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Just Us


So every year Johnno and I have gone out and gotten a special Xmas ornament for the season--sometimes they are related to things we did like our Virgin Mary ornament for the trip to the Queen Mary pre-Christmas or just something that catches our fancy like the hot pink owl named Arturo from our first year together...

So when it came time to find an ornament this year--we both just kind of wandered around and picked out a few we liked and jut bought them all... It wasnt until we got home that I think the meaning of one of them finally hit us

Its just a simple nest and yet--when we actually thought about it... This was the perfect ornament for this year... Our first Christmas away from the Dollhouse, living in a home of our own, figuring it out and finally nesting together... And while there will not be any babies--I think we're creating a home of our own that will be quite lovely...

What a happy little accident of an ornament

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