Monday, December 08, 2014

Adventure Time

Adventure Time: Christmas Addition

So if you are in the market for Christmas decor--whether lights, ornaments, fake trees--or just want to immerse yourself into the holiday feeling you should head out to Aldik Home in Van Nuys... I first learn of the super decor store through my best friend/former roommate/adventure coordinator Edie; she's been going for the last 4 years and took me out on my first journey

                                Seriously--it's like getting lost in one of those Christmas Specials

Now the store is a bit intense--lots of bright and shiny objects everywhere you look--and that's before you reach the Christmas decor... Aldik carries fake plants, fountains, garden art as well as holiday decor which was a nice surprise even if it can get a bit expensive. But where they excel is in their fabulously over the top style:

                                      This Is Just A Small Part of the Showroom--note the high ceilings

Unfortunately most of the ornaments are huge-so your tree needs to be at least 5 1/2 for scale

Here I Am With Their Life Size Joseph from the Nativity 

       This Was My Favorite Tree--Bright Unusual Colors, Creative Shapes and Even Masks!!!

Honestly--if you love the holidays and want to find something special for your tree--or as a gift for someone else's--I would definitely recommend Aldik Home in Van Nuys--open till 9pm with plenty of parking and worth the trip.

(As always I have not gotten anything awesome for writing this--I just like the place)

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