Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fashion Files:

Fashion Files: The last minute giftcard list:

So it's too late to get one last gift sent to your home, office or sweetie and now it is time to face the music and do some type of gift cards for the last (or all) people on your list... And while anyone can buy a Visa gift card--essentially cash--here are some more unusual ideas or stores for the holiday season:


This website carries a great mix of well known American brands like Diesel, American Apparel and Fred Perry but it also has more European brands like Jack and Jones and Weekday among its many offerings as well as their own in-store ASOS label... It is constantly updating their stock, has great sales and even as a separate part of the site for Independent Labels which is a collection of various sellers providing everything from vintage coats, Cosby sweaters and tapered acid wash jeans

PRO TIP: ASOS has a Premier membership offering on it's site for 20 dollars a year which gives you priority shipping, early access to sales and other benefits-totally worth it on EVERY level.

2) River Island

Kind of the British version of Forever 21 but with better made items, Euro styling and a love of print... This store feels like a little bit of Express, Urban Outfitters and the late and great Chess King got together and had a retail baby... Every piece I have bought from here is well made and I always got asked about each item.
PRO TIP: make sure the money conversion is going on or you could get a surprise at checkout

This is the only store on the list with stores in America so you can spend the day actually shopping with your giftee.... This store is like the city cousin to the Banana Republic's country cousin-clothes with European flair and florish but also wearable American sportswear in the mix. One of my favorite things with them is the seasonal Look Book that you can find on their web page--it is great for styling ideas
PRO TIP: Each location tends to have certain lines or looks more featured than others so it is a good idea to use the in-store for figuring out how their sizing works (kind of true to size AKA European but also some American AKA over-sized pieces as well

4) Moods of Norway

This is a new favorite of mine--a actual Norway only store which carries a great combination of color, textiles and very Norwegian style with thick sweaters, fun pea coats and bright colored blazers... It is not your average store with an unusually print heavy suit and tie selection... And an in-store cologne named Disco Sunset--I mean come on now!!!!
PRO TIP: Get your measurements and really pay attention to the size chart with this store

5) Etsy

I love the Etsy giftcard option because it really allows your giftee to get something true unique--whether it is art prints of movie art re-imagined, handmade tote bags for your laptop or vegan leather goods--this is the best place for finding something that will really stand out.


This website does not have giftcards but definitely carries a lot of unique items that make it worth your time to grab a visa gift card with just the website written on it... It is a mix of home decor, objects d'art, and fashion that runs from high-end lines for a steal to up and coming designers--very worth the effort.

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