Monday, November 17, 2014

Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday

I love art but there will never be enough time to see it all... Paintings, sculpture, murals, fashion, furniture, jewelry, textiles, mobiles, photography... Even if I won a million dollars and could travel around the world I still would only see a sliver of the works out there... Which is why all the new museums itemizing, sorting and posting their collections on-line has become one of my favorite things to hunt down on the internet...

                                          Watchmaker: Johannes van Ceulen

It's inspiring to see all the various works out there that are currently not displayed and in the past would be considered forgotten but instead have been restored to the public eye... The only bummer is that you cannot just snag the jpeg of the website and post it around since the museum owns the copyright of these images.

                                Laura Newell Veissi by Clara Louise Bell

Until recently

Back in May the Metropolitan Museum of Art posted over 400,000 pieces on their website with a special distinction--OASC or Open Access for Scholarly Content which means that while you cannot make a profit off any of these images--you can repost them for free anywhere without fear of violating copyright and having them pulled down.... Which means not only can people go through the website and find new art to love--they can post and repost and expose it to anyone in the world...

                                           Blue I by Fritz Bultman
Now all you have to do is go through the archives to find it--and the MET is one of premier museums in the world. It's like the world's best scavenger hunt!!! For the most beautiful things ever. Here's the website--

Designer: Emanuel Ungaro Date: fall/winter 1987–88

Happy hunting!!!!!

(all images are from the MET Collection and OASC rated)

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