Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Adventure Time

Adventure Time :FIDM

One of the things I have been trying to do more of is take adventures throughout out the city of LA... Honestly with out the help of the Groupon/Living Social type apps I wouldn't be finding as many ideas of what exactly there is to do around the town...

Obviously one of my favorite things is fashion--so when I heard the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising  was having a showing of Emmy nominated costumes I tricked the husbear into heading downtown. The clothes ran from everything from Sleepy Hallow to Downton Abbey to Portlandia: you're not allowed to take photos of the clothes and yet:

 This is one of the two pictures I was able to get of the Downton Abbey costumes--what you cant tell from TV or these pictures is just how fragile and ornate they are... There is something to be said for the high quality of the hand sewn pieces and yet it is impossible to see how they could take care of such pieces. Everyone had to be rich back then

Another fun thing with the exhibit was that mannequins were made up of a weird paper technique for various elements such as the curly hair styles. Also they would tell you the name of each costume's character--such as they outfits belonging to Edith and Rose from the London trip in the last season.

Unfortunately, I couldn't sneak many pictures--and some of the pieces there were kind of everyday wear from shows like 'Parenthood', 'Castle', and 'American Horror Story'. (Honestly--I wish I could have gotten a picture of the Myrtle outfit.
                     Seeing this outfit in person was INSANE--ask Johnno about me almost fainting

But there was also a lot of various period pieces in the show such AMC's "Hell on Wheels" and "Mad Men" but the best pieces of the whole show really were the outfits from "Salem". I was amazed at how much effort and expense was put into these costumes--it's even weird to think how much you don't pay attention to costumes outside of the high fashion/girl fantasy shows. But even there in the showing there were some head scratchers...

                         These are the pieces from Portlandia AKA Silverlake on a Tuesday
At the end of the day I was glad we were able to go and enjoy the full showing--I also learned that FIDM has constantly changing free shows for the public--including ones where you can adopt pieces of period clothing from as early as the 16th century which I think is cool as shit... Now that would make me a patron of the arts

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