Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Files

Fashion Files--Tis the Season

One of the best things about the holiday season is gifts--giving the perfect ones to friends and family plus getting even better ones for yourself... (I manage this by keeping an updated gift list on updated all the time. I'm a shopping whore) One of the hardest things is trying to find something for everyone--even harder to shop for guys who want to be fashionable but not to fussy--which I think screams the t-shirt as the perfect gift.

And since Fashion Files is all about looking for unique and fun places to find clothing pieces--here's a list of some of my favorite and most unique places to shop for t-shirts for both guys and girls...
The classic and most original t-shirt site--known for having it's users create and designs in order to get mass produced... It's the usually the best price point and they do some killer sales for the holidays such as the 12 dollar sale. The designs range from pun based to goth to cartoon and can be worth a look if your intended has a goofy sense of humor.
This is the place to find the perfect shirt for the nerd on your list--Out of Print carries t-shirts, sweatshirts and iphone cases with prints of famous book covers... Besides the obvious choices such a Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men and Pride and Prejudice, they have a great collection of childrens books for both adults and children, poetry covers as well as lesser known classics. While the prices might be more than the average graphic tee, these shirts are high quality and great printing technique
This is the best t-shirt company for all your geek friends because We Love Fine does t-shirt designs of all your favorite childhood things but with an adult twist. Carrying everything from "My Little Pony" for your Bronie buds, "Jem and the Holograms" in 80s Art Nouveau style or street takes on "Sesame Street" characters--everything you ever remember from childhood cartoons, video games and TV shows is here. The only warning I have for this company is to order sooner than later and double check the sizes--they can run small
Simple is the name of the game with Buy Me Brunch t-shirts--classic block lettering, quotes from YouTube videos and 80s music videos, simple color schemes... What I love about this company and it's t-shirts is how it is no frills which makes the shirts stand out even more--because you almost dont see what they say at first and they always get a double take.
Going in 180 degrees the opposite direction--Imaginary Foundation features bright graphic designs based off of science, philosophy, and psychological imagery. The shirts are more expensive but are lush with color and messages--the weirdest thing about the company is it' "about us" page--it reads like a total cult but a fashion forward one
Rage On is the most expensive of the websites on the list--but with it's heady and on point mix of pop culture couture t-shirts it can be worth the expense. It's designs feature celebs of all types in clean, brighter large than life prints; you can get a screaming Oprah on a tank top, a collage of Robin Williams paparazzi photos on a t-shirt or famous film stills with quotes on them. The shirts are made of a spun polyester to prevent shrinkage and color fading which seems to be why the high price point--totally worth it for your hipster friends.

And that is just a few of the best t-shirts companies out there for this holiday season... Do any of you have new ones I should be searching out for this Christmas? If so--leave a comment and I'll update the list if it fits!

(and no--I was not paid or swagged by any of the companies in this post--I just love their shit)

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