Friday, November 21, 2014

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Holiday Highs and Lows

It's almost that time of year--nonstop parties, dinners and get togethers for everything from Thanksgiving all the way through New Years Day... And while girls can easily slip into a multitude of dresses--one stop dressing frankly--guys are always stuck doing that suit/khakis/blazer kind of thing because most--not all--have no idea how to dress up, be comfortable and still themselves... But between the formal looks, dressy casual and ugly sweaters there are plenty of unique ways to dress up the season and everyone can use a few ideas


There is nothing that screams the holidays as much as velvet in your look--thick, warm and soft, classy without being to fem--velvet is the go-to material when it comes to the season. You can see here in this picture the multiple ways to wear it whether with a casual top, tie and jeans, full suit or even a velvet tux. I find the best way to wear it is with a string dark jean, simple button down shirt and formal shoes or high end boots

A blazer like this with a black jean and button down shirt is hands down my favorite look and can easily be made more punk trend with simple accessories like formal triangles for the collar like these tips from ASOS

Formal Flannel
This is one of the more manly and warmest of the party looks for this season... I love taking a quality low-end item like a flannel shirt and dress it up with something formal like fitted vest or solid colored bow tie and sweater combo.

This is a simple yet layered look that in a holiday color scheme can look playful yet semi formal without the stiffness of a coat or formal pants. You can also dress up the look even more with some unique add ons to take it to the next level:
Suspenders can go over or under the vest for a nice thinning look to the overall chest area-from Topshop

Tie pins are the big thing right now in menswear--they add a more finished look and keep everything in place; kind of like a Spanx for your tie--this one is from Topman

You can even go more rugged and do something fun like the arm garters here--kind of Gatsby/gangster sort of vibe--you can find these at ASOS right now

Holiday Sweater

So we all know the ugly holiday sweater party is a new addition to the social calender--meant to be fun, usually bar based and something meant to be unflattering... But it doesnt have to be that way:

But even as this lovely holiday card shows us; you can spice these sweaters up with a good button down underneath to make the look coordinated and a bit more pulled together. The other thing--and this is unpopular--is you can also wear holiday sweaters and not have it be ironic... There are plenty of websites now giving us holiday flare without the overly ugly aspect

I love this simple yet fun holiday sweater from River Island--and it's not too Christmas so I can wear it through out the season

Tuxedo Done Down

If you're lucky--or just really connected--you might be going to a super formal event and need to break out the tuxedo look... whether you go for a rental or buy/own your own (I suggest for amazing suits and tuxes custom-made with styles, cuts and materials updating each season) there are still some ways to update and personalize the look:

                       I love the idea of tuxedos with plain baseball caps--but only with the flat brim

You can do a simple fun cap like the poor hat here--or the classic fedora

I also love a tuxedo with chucks--though take a risk and match the color of the bow tie or handkerchief for a solid pop of color

Or abandon the tie idea all together and go for a ascot instead of the usual bow tie--this can add a bit of swagger and unexpectedness to the whole look...

I guess the biggest thing to take away from these suggestions is to have fun and play around with fabric, color and layering for your holiday looks... Use these ideas as a springboard for choosing your own perfect balance of accessories, patterns and looks for the various holiday gatherings and stick out!!!

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