Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One of My Favorite Things

Pantone Color Day

I know it seems stupid and silly and against my free-natured spirit but I always love Pantone Color Day... What it is is simple--this company announces the "hot" colors for the next season; you'll see these colors in home decor, clothing and makeup rolling into stores through the next year.

Usually I can guess where they are going color-wise ahead of the game--it's only when there is an unexpected shift in fashion like the "normcore" trend that the game gets changed. 

So here is this years colors

I am a huge fan of all three shades even though they are a bit too cool for my taste--I tend more bright blues, oranges and metallics. But they are weirdly early 90s GAP or Calvin Klein which is a happy memory for me so I can go along with it. And honestly I love when pink goes mainstream.

Now off to find pieces in these colors at the thrift and discount stores ahead of the new season!

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