Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life Hack

Coffee Nap

I love naps--like really love naps. When I don't get my daily nap I become borderline narcoleptic and tend to either shut down full or become a bitch on wheels. As my former roommates--Edie, Kelly, Valerie, Billie, Candace, Mac, Mrs Garrett, Kaylee, Lola and Johnno--they can all testify to my overwhelming need for sleep

The Struggle Is REAL

I'm not sure when this started to happen--my mother used to say I never napped as a child so I suspect it is part of my current party lifestyle. I mean--9 hour workday, 45 minute workout, coffee/drinks, gaming with the Husbear and then at least one episode of Golden Girls before I attempt to go to bed which usually means reading some Amish Romance on the Kindle. And I gave up caffeine a few years back to help with my eating habits so I don't get that jolt. But I don't drift off to sleep easily before midnight because I'm worried something is going on somewhere without me.

He is Missing Out On Everything

So when there was a recent study comparing coffee versus napping when it came to re-energizing I was interested to see what they came up with. What the study seemed to conclude was that a combination of the two worked best--which seemed a bit weird. But I want to cut back on over-napping and work on a better sleep schedule so what's the harm?

Worst Case Scenario

The study explained a neat trick that worked the two ideas together and maxed out the benefits of each one. It comes down to combination of body chemistry and the organic benefits of coffee. I decided to give it a shot because I wanted to get myself more awake time in the day. I'm debating doing NaNoWriMo again this year-cause I'm a glutton for punishment.

That's Not Realistic-But You Go Girl 

So here's how their plan works:

1) You make a cup of regular coffee--doesn't matter if hot or iced--but it needs to be fresh. They claim that soda or other caffeinated drinks wouldn't work as well with this plan--though I suspect for someone like me who doesn't usually drink that kind of stuff I could use pretty much anything.

I Can Do This In Cup Form Right?

2) You drink the cup one setting as quickly as you can. This is important because the plan hinges on your body's ability to process the drink while you move on to other parts of the process.

Never Apologize For Getting It Done

3) Nap for 20 minutes only-very important. When you drink coffee it takes about 20 minutes for your body to process caffeine into your blood stream--so by timing the drink with the nap you get the best of both without the negative of either. I have tried this a handful of times now and do feel a difference in my energy levels.It's not the most restful nap--probably because I am not used to any caffeine so it hits me harder--but I am definitely ready to go in about 5 minutes after waking up.

This is a victory since I am the world's crankiest person post sleep as Edie, Kelly, Valerie, Billie, Cadance, Mac, Mrs Garrett, Kaylee, Lola and Johnno can testify. I mean it is bad--like a whiny toddler bad--whiny, sleepy, hungry toddler bad.

The Fact I'm Married Still Amazes Me.

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