Sunday, September 07, 2014

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One Thing Or Another

I'm not a high fashion guy--I like to keep my look casual but interesting by mixing in new styles, cuts and lots of interested and unexpected ideas. Whether it is shoes made with unique fabrics, bright colors in unexpected places or taking things I love like art and books to wear I try to keep it more complicated and love to mix it up.

One of my favorite trends this upcoming fall season plays with the same expectations of fashion--by using unusual fabrics, cuts and styling to create unique pieces of clothing. It's taking the known and mixing it up--formal with sporty, dress-up with casual day wear and high end materials in low end cuts. While some of these ideas have been round for awhile--I think it is these types of pieces that can take the ordinary and bring it to the next level.

Here are some pieces from my own personal closet--as well as new ideas hitting stores already for this fall.

Pony Boy Prep

I scored these last season--these seem like just your run-of-the-mill dark boat shoes but what you can't tell is that they are made of a dark brown pony skin. (My phone sucks--oops.) It takes the simple summer shoe and brings it to a whole new level of luxury and I always get comments on them. It's because when it comes to preppy--some times you can have a glamorous edge.

Brogue Boots from River

I know there has been a trend for a while now with the brogue shoe being updated--whether turned into sneakers, slip-ons and now boots. It's that perfect piece of 20/30/40's flair that brings to mind flappers, Gatsby and decadence. But while the original shoes are a bit too stiff and formal for everyday wear, these half-breads offer a comfortable and stylish comprise. Great with colored khakis at work or with perfectly cuffed jeans when on the town.

Seth Cohen Realness

So this is from my personal collection--and looks like a simple short sleeved black t-shirt--which it is. But this is a knitted t-shirt, a light weight, short sleeved yet warm top to wear during those day into night social engagements like brunch by the sea in the morning and cocktails at night in the mountains. And because the sweater shirt is so thin I can recreate the layered look of the early 2000s by wearing this over long-sleeved buttons like Adam Brody did during his "O.C." days. Stylish and multi-purpose.

A tailored bomber by

This is one of my favorites--taking the simple bomber jacket style that has been done to death with sports wear and cheap hoodie fabric--and using high-end tweed as the material. It says I'm causal and sporty but still have an American Express black card for dinner and shopping after we watch the football game. I love this because it would look great layered with a tie and button-down look or a simple classic t-shirt and cords. Perfect.

Sweatshirt Comfort and Rocker Style

This is probably one of my favorite finds of the fall season. In California it rarely gets cold enough for a proper leather jacket--though you wouldn't know that from my closet--so I love to find great light weight coats that look more detail than the average hoodie or cardigan. This piece is as warm as a sweatshirt but has the look of an edgy leather jacket--good for work with the right pants and ready to spend the night at the local arcade.

Denim Joggers by Urban

These are probably the most controversial of my picks for this trend but I fell in love with the look and fit of joggers over this past spring and summer. They're loose through the leg but still come in at the feet but without that tapered jean look that can be really unflattering--comfort while still being able to show off your new kicks. While you do run the risk of looking like a DJ Tanner from "Full House" if worn the wrong way, it's a good way to try the jogger look without getting to sweatpant-ed or overly graphic in the design.

So that's it--my picks for some of the best uses of unlikely materials and cuts. Of course there is a million more out there--but I can't be window shopping all the time. (Though tell my husband that-SERIOUSLY.)

PS: As always--these are just my views and my picks, there was no money made off of any of my suggests. If you would like to know where I found my personal pieces--comment down below and I'll fill you in.

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