Saturday, September 20, 2014

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Bougie Doesn't Begin to Describe This

Unless you live under a rock you probably know the new Iphone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus came out this week; I'm not usually too hot on these tech announcements because I barely even use Siri much less every new idea they add to the mix... But for some people this is a huge life changing thing and thus we are gifted with this:

iPhone 6, 6 Plus in your pocket from AppleInsider on Vimeo.

The entire video is just a guy explaining and demonstrating how the new phones fit in each type of pocket compared to not only the 6 and 6 Plus but also the Iphone 5. It's almost too compelling to watch as he goes through the various cuts of pants, jackets and suits to explain the important of the fit--I'm only disappointed that he forgot to do shorts, joggers and harem pants

This is what they mean by first world problems.

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kitt marlowe said...

Great find.