Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life Hack

Giftie Gift Gift Me

Okay--due to timing as well as just the general idea of it--there is no way this post is not coming to come off as selfish... When Johnno and I were planning our wedding we were looking into all the gift registry stuff--which I had a background in for when I worked for an upscale furniture store back in the day.

You Didn't Thing I Was Always This Fabulous and Spoiled?

Having a background in dealing with the bridal registry stuff was a huge help but annoying--you have all the housewares you need when you leave together but you can upgrade if needed--but what about unique things like art prints or off beat pillows or handcrafted stuff... You cant add that to the usual registry...

This Quasi-hipster Shizz Doesn't Just happen--Not In My House

So then I found myregistry.com. It's similar to Pinterest in that you download a "pin" type app to your internet program--and when you find something you like you just click on the "pin", pick the color or size as needed, then it shows up on your registry in all one place. It allowed up to find items from Etsy, Art.com, Urban, Macy's, Imagination Foundation and place them on one master list--plus you can sync other store's registries on to the same list so you can still get Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond and Z Gallerie into the mix.

I love this site/idea because now I can keep a year round gift list for myself--and I encourage the husband and close friends to do the same.... Now I dont have to look when I want to snap something up for a birthday or anniversary or just because--it's all there. And now there's no more this:

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