Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Watch Out

I have been spending the last two seasons obsessed with watches--they are the one mens accessory that never goes out of style and can never make you look to over done. While bracelets, rings and chains can be fun--there is always the risk of looking too over styled.

 It's not what are they wearing--but what arent they wearing?

No one wants to look like a drunk Aunt Mame--at least not in their day to day wear. And with guys it is too easy to cross the line from stylish to homeless but the right watch can be fun, clean and stylish all at the same time. The other reason I love a good watch is even though we all carry clocks in our phone--how many times have you pulled out your phone and ended up getting sucked into your mail, wikipedia or the latest version of angry birds. And let's be honest--once you do it everyone you're with does it and then it becomes this:

The worst part is they're all tagging each other on Facebook

So I found having a watch prevented me from making that social mistake and kept my phone in my pocket... Which is something I think most people could benefit from. And there is something romantic and classy about a watch; it's old fashioned even when the watch is the latest style or something handed down in the family. And they all breakdown into three kinds of watch--the day to day, the fun time, and the conversational piece.

These are mine

This one is clean and easy--the white makes it modern for day to day but still unique

This is the fun watch--the band is a former mens' tie but still colorful enough to catch the eye

This is a true conversational piece--a turn table on the wrist always gets compliments.

Now the key with finding and wearing multiple watches is to start with a simple day to day--and once you have the standard locked down you can go off the reservation. For me, the way to keep the day to day from looking too old fashioned or the company timepiece is to look for either unusual colors or materials.

For day to day wear these are two of my favorites--the top number is from Urban Outfitters and it's clear to almost nude look makes it so mininalist look makes it clean, easy to wear and still an eye catcher! This would work with fun t-shirts as well as a three piece Gucci suit.

The second watch--from is one hand (ha!) classic with it's rose gold clock face but the woven bracelet is great for the type of guy who likes to look a little more bohemian with a twist of preppy. This is the type of watch you can mix on the same wrist with a simple metallic bracelet or other woven summer camp wrist wear.

Now for fun all three of these numbers come from ASOS and show the various way you can really play with watches. The first number with it's simple yet humorous writing can be fun out on the town or just running errands--even if you miss the last call. The second number with it's Fisherman's Face on the clock face is both fun and a conversational piece--who doesnt want to know the story of why that watch? Is he a romantic, world-weary former sailor? Does he like Moby Dick and thinks this is a great reminder? Is this the set up for a Hemingway tattoo? And the third watch is just a great pop of color--which comes in different shades. This one would match my eyes-and be striking from a distance whether on a date or in the workplace.

And finally-the conversation piece

Both these numbers are from Urban Outfitters and really just grab the attention. The top watch looks to be the conventional wristwatch except it is made completely out of wood--sans the clock face--and comes in two different stains. This is the type of watch I would buy myself and wear everywhere except the office--it could be a bit too much there--but it is a blend of classic and whimsy--the type of watch that goes from Burning Man to vegan dining to the beach with ease. And the second watch reminds me of the classic apple Iphone look--clean, well shaped and easy to read. The wood clockface keeps it from feeling too cold and distant but it looks like something you would find on the waitstaff at Intelligista Cafe or in Abbot Kinney on a shopping spree. Just eye popping.

But these are just some suggestions to get you started when it comes to watches--what is out there now--so you can start to look into your own little time piece. Something that looks stylish and keeps you from being too rude with the phone.

It's a good thing

(I have no business relationship with any of the websites or manufactures within the post. I just like their shit)

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