Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Hack

How to Get Some Good Head--Good Head of Hair

I do not wash my hair everyday--I find that it can overly strip my hair of shine and texture--and since I am blessed to not have an oil scalp I can get away with this. That said--there is one tip that I learned about how to keep your hair shiny everyday without washing and I got it from the usual sources:

Of course it was Soap Opera Weekly--I learned the tip at 12 years old

Even at a young age I had hair idols--people with thick, glowing, luxe hair that made me jealous. I wanted to look that dewy, clean and shiny--I later found out in college that this wasn't as unusual a trait to have even if I was a teenage boy living in the suburban wildness of upstate New England. Turns out I knew more than a handful of people who had their own hair idols:

David Cassidy--I loved the Partridge Family in reruns

You know Dr Quinn and Sully had beautiful hair model babies

But my number one idol was Finola Hughes AKA world class spy, police commissioner, mother and frequent love triangle participant.
Even with her fake scar as self punishment for being a double agent--her hair was amazing

So when she did an interview for Soap Opera Weekly and gave her daily hair tip I was all over it. And honestly--this works so well that I have been doing this treatment daily for the past 20 years. I'm gonna spill my secret if only because I just want prettier people in the world.

Hughes Hair Hotness:
Step One: You wash your hair only 3 times a week unless it gets sweaty and greasy from either working out or running from mobsters, evil spies or former lovers

Step Two: Everyday you work in a small amount of conditioner through your locks and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes regardless of whether you washed you hair. This helps with softness as well being manageable for up dos, side ponytails or a quick hair flip mid conversation.

Step Three: Everyday before you get out of the shower, turn the water to ice cold before rinsing it out. This helps close the hair follicles and keeps them healthy and protected--this is best done by bending over in the shower to prevent the cold water from causing you to freeze. It also helps with closing up the pores on your face as well--giving you even and porcelain skin.

I spent a lot of time also worshiping this girl as well.

It's really the Melrose Place electric guitar that makes it work

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Lucky said...

um, I totally do #3 but I sweat too much to not wash mine every day! lol Oh, Anna.