Sunday, August 03, 2014

Inspiration Monday

A Little Bit of Time Away

So this time last week I was sitting around a bonfire on the banks of the St Croix river with Johnno, Edie, Edward, Bella, Valeska and a handful of new friends as we wrapped out the party weekend. It was chilly and we passed around a bottle of whiskey, some smores and just talked about random things...

We Sang Kumba

I already wrote about how I feel about vacations--I dont ever really take them because I am of the belief that my world will fall apart if I'm not here to over manage every part. Within hours of being back to work I was stressed and overwhelmed by random projects and my own expectations which wasnt what I wanted but what I allowed to let happen.

It wasnt until later when I was looking for a screen grab of some email I took that I found a slew of pictures I had taken while on the trip. Now usually I am bad at that--I have never been one to be so sentimental about things and cameras make my uncomfortable. But looking at the pictures it took me back to my trip and into that healthier and better head space.

And what I came to realize is that I need to take more pictures; of the people, places and things that make me happy. Not just of vacations or special events--though I have yet to sort my wedding photos--but of the smaller moments. Being out with friends, a special cup of coffee, the random outfits I like. I need to learn from my co-worker Jenna who documents everything just so that I can hold on to those time and spaces.

So in that vein--here are random pictures from my trip. I didnt take many with other people--the party has a rule about nudity and drinking shots being forbidden--but of the place so that when I need to relax I can look back over them and remember how it felt to be so out of the loop and into something comfortable.

The cabin itself

the country quilt i slept with on the floor

the beach outside the house yet to be ravaged.

the dance shack before it busted up my feet as we whirled away

the party raft AKA where Johnno almost drowned

the beach at night

the highlight-pun intended-of country living
the end of it all.

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