Monday, August 11, 2014

Inpsiration Monday

The Magi Goes Postal

So this was an idea that started by accident last year--I have a habit of window shopping and posting random things I want to social media without any real reason. (Though I guess I secretly hope that my husband picks up the hint--such a lady that way.) There's no real rhyme or reason to my thought process--it can be a simple t-shirt of Ryan Gosling found via Etsy:

Honestly This Is One of the Saner Options

Then one day I got a mysterious package at the Dollhouse with just a present and no note. I was kind of freaked out by this--did I order the item drunk? Or worse--did I order something and just plan forget? Had my shopping gone too far? And it didn't help that the item in question I had posted about after watching an episode of "Girls" which was already a problem within itself.

Go ahead--I deserve it for watching that mess

It also brought back a reminder of the one time I was borderline stalked and threatened through my blog years ago--to the point where I had stopped writing and changed a lot of the format, my email address and took down a lot of my posts and freelance publishings. I just couldnt figure it out--who would send me this

It's a reusable bag for shopping--and gayer than anything

After a series of tweets, FB posts and random emails I found out that Johnno's friend Andie had seen the post and just bought it for me because she could. Once we were able to talk about it--she told that for years she and her friends had been randomly sending each other anonymous gifts to surprise each other. They did this just because they thought it was nice and weird and something easy to do to make each other smile.

Since then I have been doing this from time to time--some people have gotten puppy posters, others inflatable swans for their pools, others random tacky t-shirts. There is something nice and fun about gifting without reason--something that cheers up another person even as it freaks them out. I made one person think they had a secret admirer which was a bit of a let down when I revealed myself but for the most part its been really great.

So if you're looking for something fun to do, something to inspire some kindness and wonderment for other people then try this hobby... I never spend more than 10 dollars--and it can be as simple as sending a Starbucks card in the mail or burning a mix CD of the best b-sides of their favorite artist.

I mean--someone sent me this soundtrack which is proof you can do anything with this!!!

The key is to have fun and just make someone smile!!! And hopefully get other people to do the same which is the best gifting going forward-it's like "Pay It Forward" without the bad script, acting or Kevin Spacey

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