Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Life Hack

Super Charged

This week's life hack is more aimed at the holiday than a general real life use--though lord knows I have used it to save my butt more than once. You know that moment when you've been out and about with your friends all day--on the rugby field, shopping for designer fakes downtown or on a bike bar cruise

                                          The Beach Barcycle is real people... REAL

And then something comes up and you need to use your phone--maybe to grab an Uber after a long day of beach drinking, to get directions to the loft party downtown or to try and capture that crazy thing with your favorite celebrity did while drunk on vacation...

                         Yes--this is Zac Efron dancing to Wiggle--further proof of God

And there is nothing worse in these situations then realizing your phone is dead--and you have 20 minutes to charge it before you head out for a full night of drinks and dancing...

Side note: I have always wanted to see a horror movie where the characters spend half the film texting, playing Candy Crush and updating their twitters so that when the killer comes stalking they cant call for help because they took too many selfies during the gratutious bikini bonfire/strip beer pong scene.

So here's an awesome tip I picked up--when you have to charge in a rush just go into settings and put your phone on airplane mode before you charge it. It can cut the time down to a third when it comes to juicing up so you don't have to waste your time and miss out on taking all your favorite food pictures.

Though you should really stop taking those pictures--I'm judging you

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