Monday, July 07, 2014

Inspiration Monday

Book Porn

This picture--while witty and silly as all get out--reminds me so much of how much I love books... Not just the idea of stories or well chosen prose but the physicality of them, the space they take up on my nightstand or in my beach day backpack. The very weight of carrying around a good hardback or a few soft covers makes me aware of the weight of ideas and the expanse of imagination it takes to create something so profoundly unique and its own space. And while I do use the kindle for the harder to find, the self published and the quick one-off reading material... the importance of the printed page, the freshly bound literature is still so amazing to me all this time--even after moving all of the books I owe from the Dollhouse to the Clubhouse.


kitt marlowe said...

Do you think that (at the end) it should be "Baby Got Book," singular, rather than "Books," plural? It does say that "a book walks in . . ." and "that book was dense," and "deep in the book," etc.

Rory said...

I do think that the number is kind off when compared to the rest of the lyrics

Thus we have given more thought to the parody lyrics than I suspect the original artist did