Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Working Girl

Working Girl

So for the last few months my job has been killing me--mostly by being so busy and crazy that sometimes it has been hard to breath. It's hard to complain about that when you work in freelance because most of my co-workers from my vast career in reality TV would kill for something as open ended as this job has turned out to be. And I found myself growing more and more attached to my work family--we have been a team now off and on for over two years that I spend more time with them then most other people in my life.

I really like them.

That said--with the work scehdule continuing to grow crazy and never catching up I was debating trying to leave. I know I couldnt because of the wedding and Johnno and I paying for it mostly ourselves but I had reached a point where I just felt so far behind and not even getting much of a chance to improve my career that I was at a loss. And because they are family--the office was starting to feel that.

I wasnt being a bitch.

I just was tired and drained, working on my weekends and in a constant state of shuffling. I would have meetings and be honest about what was going on with the work load--I have a nickname at the office for being the Grim Reaper--but I think they understood what I was trying to say. And eventually we tried various gameplans to make the show work; adding new people to mix--some who worked and some who didnt--trying different work flows but it was getting to the point that it was hard to feel any forward movement.

So instead they gave me not one--but two!--raises and two new job titles. Part of me knows they did this to try and make it harder for me to leave; they did the same for the girl who works under me but that's okay. I cant help but see what they are doing--by paying us more and give us more of a career move they are then making it harder to leave. And they shifted the other jobs around as well to help and keep everyone in the process and create a better flow which seems to be working.

And it makes me happy.

I cant help but feel the love right now--even if I know there are strings attached. It makes me feel like I bet on the right horse and am where I am supposed to be for the moment. They are trying to make us all happy and create and foster a strong team which seems to be working.

And more money--have to love more money.

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