Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Bowl Sadness

Super Bowl Sadness

So it has been a week to the day of the Super Bowl. I wasn't  too much into this year's match up--though I was rooting for the Ravens--but once again it was a party though this time it was at Dominic's house. And it wasnt even a party but just a small group of us....


See somehow in the last couple of years a handful of people have turned Sundays into a viewing party at Dominic's place--we roll in wearing sweatshirts and ugg boots with unwashed hair and veggie platters. We yell at the games and discuss politics and arts and gossip and more sports, we all try to not eat the candy constantly laying around the place, take turns cooking for each other and just relaxing through out a long afternoon. It's almost always the same group--Nolan, Shannon, Marti, Kelly and Johnny, Valeska and her boyfriend, Lola and me with Johnno. It's the one day of the week where we just get to chill and catch up--most of us dont get that time the rest of the week between people working nights or living in  Long Beach or being on the wrong of the Hill.

And I'm already missing it.

A lot of the hanging out we do as a group is going out and doing things; parties or bars, group dinners or movies, sometimes all of us but rarely in this combination of people. I enjoy that we get to lay around like broccoli and just be, to be quiet and play on our phones, for the girls to not wear heels or Johnno and I to just detox from a bad week. We have fun just talking and sporting and listening--I have been able to get to know more about these people on these days more than anywhere else sometimes.

But once the Super Bowl happens we all kind of go our own separate ways--back to writing on the weekends or spending days hungover or chores and shopping for the week. It becomes hard for most of us to see each other, takes multiple phone calls and emails to grab a drink or say hello, we'll see each other at crowded parties or late night roommates passing by at the Dollhouse.

It's not the same

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