Sunday, October 16, 2011

Like An Episode of Gossip Girl

I have been the process of asking people to be apart of the wedding. It's been a hard thing to do--mostly because I wanted to ask certain people in certain order, some people I have had to struggle to have the time to ask them face to face and with others there has been debate.

Not naming names.

But the hardest thing about picking people to be in your wedding is how much of it is about trust, how much of it is about shared history and how much of it is about politics. I know it should always be "ask who want when you want" but it doesn't feel that simple in the moment. Especially since I have to take Johnno's side of the wedding into consideration as well.

In terms of numbers and order--I am not telling him who he can and can't ask.

But the hardest part has been nailing certain people down. It should be no surprise that Edie is my maid of honor--or as she prefers the title "First Bitch"--but it took me forever to get to ask her. Part of her job is traveling and I just really wanted to have a moment with her to make sure that she could take the position.

(Like in football--which i have taken up watching.)

But after a much of missed opportunities to talk on both sides--I finally sent her a video from my phone just flat out asking her to be in the wedding. It felt ridiculous when recording it and took forever to send but I'm also glad it played out that way. We often joke that we are Blair/Serena from Gossip Girl and this is so how they would do this.

It's funny.

And so now I have two members of the bridoom party settled on my side. Now I just have to get ready and track down all the others. Hopefully it should get easier now.


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