Saturday, October 08, 2011

Working Through It

So I have been working on the body. I find that doing that helps remove some of the stress in my life and makes me feel better about myself. It has been hard counting--in some cases guessing--my calorie intake but I have learn to boost some numbers and cut back on others. I never realized how little I ate during the start of my day and how much that affected me.

It's good to learn.

My only compliant is that I have been doing P90X which is hard and yet easy at the same time. It is easy in the sense that my back has been fine with the workouts and with the exception of the pullups I have been in pretty good space through the process. The only problem is that it is at least an hour of working out six days a week. Sometimes it gets ready hard to make the time.

I am not a gym bunny.

But it is amazing to know what your body is capable of when you fuel it correct and maintain it properly. I like how things fit, I like knowing how to eat better and I am proud of how good I have been doing.

I feel like less of a machine and more like a work of art in progress.

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