Monday, October 24, 2011

Emerson Don't Have Math Majors

Weddings are expensive. Weddings in LA are more expensive. Weddings in LA when you do the math wrong and get really excited about a location and cost are really expensive when you figure out the proper amount

This is not surprising and yet I was surprised.

I am trying hard to not get too let down as the wedding search continues. It doesn't help that I have found one place I would really like to have the ceremony but due to bad math I thought we had found the place. My math was really off though and it made me depressed for the better part of a week.

But there are other places that I like as well and we are so FAR out from even paying for a place that this is all just window shopping. Edie noted that she was surprised I was so gun ho about everything wedding when the truth is I just want things settled and to have it all planned out.

Maybe Johnno and I need to rethink LA--maybe just a random place in the country could be cheaper. Nebraska anybody?

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