Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sarah Jane Sadness

Growing up I was a huge Doctor Who fan. I spent many a Saturday afternoon caught up in the various worlds, companions, time lines and Doctors of the BBC. But there was no companion I loved more than Miss Sarah Jane Smith.

Spunky, sweet, brave, ballsy--Sarah Jane was the atypical 70s heroine in that she took care of herself and managed to get things done. She wasn't always practical or the smartest person in the room but she always tried her best and brought out the best in other around her.

Exactly the type of person I would want to be if a space traveler.

And now the actress who played her has passed on. Elisabeth Sladen died at the young age of 63 and in the second coming of her career as the star of her own Dr Who spin off--the Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith. While the fate of that show rests in limbo for the moment--I just wanted to send off the character in the right way.

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