Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So my friend Chloe today posted the following picture

She joked that the universe was sending her a message that her diet was possibly following around the greater metro area. It is kind of funny. But it got me thinking into how so many people in my life are suddenly all about healthy eating and cleanses and hiking and running –all the New Years type stuff. And while we are barely two weeks in--I find it a bit frustrating.

I know this is not fair.

I guess what bugs me are that there are people in my life who are so constant in how they take care of themselves. People who are always working on their eating habits, who work out every day because they need it, people who pass up the sugar and booze, who pay attention and make their own healthy habits.

They are the types who will talk about it if you ask them; they will give details or tips, explain what they have changed or adapted their bodies too, but they don’t feel the need to constantly talk about it or pressure others to adapt to their timetable.

I mean—I don’t eat a lot of common things anymore. You don’t hear me complain about the coffee being served not being decaf—I bring my own. You don’t see Johnno complaining about how there’s no cheese or veggies to eat at a party so that he is left with cookies and pizza rolls and chips. We both try to take responsibility for our choices and we put our backs into it.

So when suddenly everyone else around me is getting obsessed with talking about their running, about how the party needs to have better food choices for them, and complains about how hard it is… I just have a gallon of shut up waiting to be poured on the situation. I figure I can wait out a month or two before I get worked up but I am still bugged by it.

I know this is petty in the grand scheme of things and I should just let it go. I just don’t want to suffer through the complaints and the struggle as if it is some new thing to our lives. Some of us have been doing this all along.

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