Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I need to stop being so thrown by people's happiness. Or rather--I need to stop question what make other people happy. For a long time I have associated happy people with simple people, stupid people, shallow people--the ones who don't think about much, want for much or do much.

This makes me a snob.

And what i am starting to realize is that I am mostly happy. I have moments where I bliss out about how much of my life is going great. Moments where I can barely pick apart the faults and stare at the cracks in my life. And this doesn't make me any less aware or creative or smart or interesting.

It just makes me more stable and centered. There is nothing wrong with that. So maybe I need to start embracing the happiness I have in my life. Spend lunch breaks daydreaming, spending nights relaxing and the moments enjoying the fruits of my labor (Tee Hee)

Or just start drinking more and wearing black and acting angsty to balance it all out.

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