Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The weirdness of human emotion

So it's begun… I've been having odd dreams in the last few days – – mostly  involving children or pets and being responsible for things and freaking out about it… Which is obviously my minds way of trying to handle the fact that I am not working…

And I can't figure out why I'm giving myself such a hard time about this – – I haven't even collected by first unemployment check, I have plenty of savings, and honestly it's the first time I've been out of work and almost 5 years… I shouldn't be feeling this weird already… Maybe I need to take a day and go to the museum which the beach or just stare at trees in the park....

But I don't need to feed into this idea of inadequacy that my brain is seeming to force on me at this point in time... It's really not the end of the world – – my husband's making good money for civil month or two so I have time

Honestly I'm just need to get back on board with  my creative side which will trump my neurotic side hopefully...that is how it works with artists right? 

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