Thursday, August 27, 2015

A little more inspiration

A little more inspiration 

So last week was my birthday… And it was a type birthday that I didn't really know what I should or wanted to do –some are more confusing than others even if they're not big ones

 Instead though I realized that what I needed to do was not a party or shopping or even talk but to spend the day writing. I think I had to show myself that I could do it again… Because these last five years became about my job at the TV show and it didn't allow me to do… And the idea of security trumped the thing that I want to do

 And most of us – – my friends-- are reaching the point where we have to start accepting who we are, what we're willing to work for and what we already... And it's a really hard thing: sometimes things don't add up the way you wanted and you have to kind of make peace with that or do the challenge the work to be the person you want to be....

So spending the better part of my day just me alone with my computer and my thoughts and whatever version of a muse I have... It Put certain things definitely in perspective

 And I still managed to have fondue and escargot with my husband for the birthday too

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