Friday, April 26, 2013

How I Want To Live

Goals Goals Goals

So I wrote awhile back about how Johnno and I were going to work on goals of being more social, getting out more away from the Dollhouse and the bar scene... Just try to develop more socially and within our relationship as well--a lofty goal.

We spent Friday night out at a bar for our friend's birthday--somewhere new and the first time the whole gang had been together in awhile. We had fun catching up with people, drinks were shared and for the most part a pleasant evening. But when we came home both Johnno and I talked about how we felt disconnected at points--I know for me it has to do with the social anxiety that comes from not smoking--which rubbed off on him.

This led to us both talking about want to work on the social life more--trying again to do more than just work, work out, drink at bars then repeat the cycle. There is not wrong with most of these things but we need to add something more to the mix.

Which led to one of the best weekends in a long time...

We spent it thrift shopping and dropping off clothes to donate, a nice simple vegan dinner out just us, a bit of catching up over cocktails at our local gay bar.... We spent Sunday out at the LA Festival of Books just seeing what people put out, we held hands in the park listening to poetry, wander the tables to see what new things were out for writers... We spend the remainder of the night at Dominic's house for dinner with a small handful of people--people who I hadn't spent much time with lately and was eager to catch up with... It was nice to have the small moments and build up new memories.

I think that has been my concern--that things have been blending together recently and I am trying to work more on being special... Within myself and my relationships with other people. It's a bit of effort but very much worth it!!!

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