Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something Blue Shouldnt Be Sadness

So me and Johnno have been gearing up to pick a date and a loction for the wedding... It's been really hard to do... And this past week I had a bit of a heartbreak and broke down over the internet

"I just have to complain... So yesterday the wedding planner saw the space that Johnno & I had been really invested in... It's awful in person--she pretty much said it is small dark & would take more than 2 hours to make nice... It wasnt worth our time and money...

I don't even know what to do anymore... I thought it was seriously the space and that we would be good to go... And now its starting all over again

I beginning to seriously regret even wanting a wedding... It's just been so hard & nothing works...."

It's been really miserable to try and plan this wedding at points... Finding a space that is nice and reasonably priced and fits our personalities as turned out to be difficult.. I constantly worry about timeframe and money and whether we can make anyone happy with this--muchless ourselves.

And I know I'm being too hard on myself--and Johnno by default--and I have to let go of this energy. Hopefully this new space I found might work. I need to have something work out....

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