Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ecomony of Words

The writing continues to be flowing at a steady rate--somehow using a first person POV has really take things to a different place. Between my new techinque of using notecards for easier plotting and the lack of description that comes with the new writing process I am falling into the story fast.

It's a relief.

I have been sharing bits and pieces of the story with Johnno and Samuel--mostly for guidence and clafication on facts but outside of that there has been no huge hiccups. It's put me back in the headspace of feeling like a writer, which turns into living like a writer which is really just sitting down and writing. And with this story I have been able to write a chapter a day thus far--which is only taking a few hours a pop which for me is amazing.

It feels good.

The only problem will be once I return to work--balancing out my schedule of work outs and writing and the social life. I suspect that something will have to give eventually and it just might be my sleep patterns. But we shall see.

It's all new and open and not ready to pretend otherwise.

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