Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Such A Gleeful Sound

It's hard to write a novel.

Scratch that.

It's hard to write in general.

Obvious and yet...

It doesn't help that when you stumble across a top ten TV show, randomly late one night, not one that you watch but you know is very popular and you see your plot happening on the screen. Not kind of your plot but thisclose to being your plot--from the gay kid, to the prom queen as cruel joke, to the emotional retaking of one's personal power. if that is not enough to stop your typing dead in it's tracks then what is? It doesn't help matters any more when you HATE the TV show that the storyline was stolen to....

Yeah--I hate Glee.

So now of course I am left in a "what to do?" situation. Both Samuel and Johnno think that the plot can be saved and turned around. There are some noticeable differences in the two stories between the characters, the timetable and how it falls out which means it could feel different. And it is focusing me on different aspects of my characters and how to make my version of prom and the prom fallout work. But still

It's hard to feel original when your plot is suddenly and hugely in front of you on a "watercooler" show.

I guess I should feel special?

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Michael Mammano said...

This has happened to me several times. First with the Young Americans, that crappy summer soap from Coke... I mean, the WB. After that, following TV was like watching Greg Berlanti personally raid my computer and write critically acclaimed pilots based on my notes. They knock you down. You get back up. Your book is good. Writing is rewriting.