Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Things You Love

So I am day 7 of giving up cheese. (though there was one day where I had a slip up--I am keeping the proper count to stay loyal to the process) I had decided that for Valetine's Day I would make a promise to myself--to make a healthier lifestyle choice and get back to the body goals I set for myself. Part of this was feeling a bit more wider than usual and part of it was my curiosity of what i could accomplish.

So the current plan is working out at least five days a week--which is possible--and giving up on cheese as way to manage my fat content and force more veggies into my mouth. In some ways it has worked with more salad, more side veggies with dinner but most importantly--it is less easy to absent-mindedly pop things into my mouth.

And I can see a change. I just have to work on keep that change constant and making sure it is what i want and remembering how to get it. I want to look good and feel good--both about how I look but about my general health. It is hard at points but the boy is good in supporting me and I am even better at remembering why i want what I want.

And now it is time to work out--which is something I have come to love.

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