Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Proof Is In The Picture

I have been a little worried lately about my body issues... I have been trying to regain my workout schedule, try different food plans and just be more aware. It didn't help that I joined an eating group on-line being run by some friends of mine.

What was coming out of it was a sense of failure or judgement--it depending on the day or who was posting. Sometimes it would be as simple as the calories being burned by some people and sometimes it would be the realization that the person complaining on line had 13% body fat.

It made me feel worse.

But then we all went for a club night--wearing crazy costumes, eye make up and looking like a cross between Moulin Rogue or Rocky Horror. I decided to go sleeveless with a vest enough though I wasn't sure about the arms even with the push ups and the pullups... But I decided to do it anyways because I am slowly learning to just make peace with what I can work on. Slowly.

And I was rewarded with this.

I love this picture--I look good and it makes me want to keep working on it. Just some validate things

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