Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That Party Was Sick--No Really

So this past weekend was Ali and Robin's yearly holiday party--a time for dressing up, trying new cocktails and for guests to crash at the Dollhouse. It was great as always and it really added to things that Mary Francis flew out from Maine for the event because it meant we got to catch up. Though ironically Johnno spent the most time with Mary Francis out of all of us.

But what i didn't expected was that the party would make a slew of people sick in the aftermath... Johnno, Thomas, Kelly, Raquel, Ashley, Beau, and I have all been in various stages of fighting off a cold in the days afterward. Some, like Johnno, failed at it all together while others, like Kelly and Raquel, recouped with 24 hours. I have been on the cusp of the entire thing which is good because starting a new job usually means having to hold back on sick days.

That being said, all i would like is for this illness to go away so that I can get on with things. it's not like I am canceling plans or missing out on work but I would just like to feel good enough to work out. The bonus with this new job is the ability to have much better hours and an awesome commute so i would like to use this benefits better.

But we shall see how it all plays out but the party was totally worth it. Even if Johnno partook in the annual pants off portion of the night--which lead to many people congratulating me on the BF's "package". That was a bit much even for me.

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