Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where Are They Wednesday Salt-n-Peppa

I have always been obsessed with female rappers… JJ fad, Queen Latifah, Erykah Badu, Missy.... I found their hooks more melodic, the social issues they threw down for more my speed and it was just so cool

And that world was ruled by two queens and an empress AKA Salt-n-P with Spinderella... They  rapped about sexuality with wit, they were street and clever,  and their obsession with 70s soul riffs move their music even more of the hood...

And their hits were classic--push it, what a man, Shoop… (I have more friends who know the lyrics to that song than know the pledge allegiance)

But where they really shine it's on their lesser hits like tramp, aint nobodys business, and  my mic sounds nice...

Then one day they went away.

There were so many rumors about what happened… Spinderella felt ignored and undervalued by the band, Peppa was too sexually explicit once Salt found Jesus, and finally Salt was diagnosed with lupus which was incredible energy drain on her ability to perform.

And in someway each of these things was true – – just not to the extent that it would keep the band down forever. And for that we have to thank Geico

Turns out time changed some of the resentment between the girls and also allowed salt to get her lupus into a more manageable place. But in the time it took that to happen  the group worried that the scene had changed, they weren't the same people, and would it even work with an audience?

But Geico helped them to realize people were clamoring for their return and now they've started doing small sets in concert showcases. And this past weekend I was able to see them perform in Anaheim.

To say they were good is an understatement, to say they still have it would imply they lost it and quite frankly I cried because it was so… Amazing

I won't say it was perfect – – you could see that salt had to take breaks periodically during the easement set… They didnt perform all their songs top to bottom which I think has to do with some of the sex stuff but all three were there and top of their game-- having the time of their lives

And it looks like they are going to continue to do small sets here or there for a while… I'm already planning to see them in April… You should look them up

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