Friday, November 13, 2015

Fashion Friday: A Light Jog

I'm This fall/winter I have become more and more obsessed with jogger pants… If you had told me when this trend tarted that I would stop looking at them as sloppy sweatpants and begin to incorporate them more into my wardrobe I would have laughed at you.

Thing is they are very comfortable and with designers putting them in materials such as khaki or denim they've become something super easy to work in the wardrobe...

But now I'm getting obsessed with them in the prints – –which can be too similar to Jam pants from the 90s.

Like these pants from Rage On--they're bright, fun. casual but still high quality… The way to make them fashionable though takes a bit more effort; it's not the type of pants you can just wear flip-flops T-shirt with because outside of a brunch it will look super casual and possibly super sloppy

So then how to wear them? 

With something like this you want to wear a more formal top like a solid button-down shirt all the way buttoned to the top of collar. You could also do a denim button-down – – and the shirts can also be short-sleeved as long as they're collared and button-down. 

The truly creative with a nice neck can give the turtleneck a chance. (this is not me)

And because it's winter, I would say pairing them with a cardigan or sweater--both in solids--would be appropriate and not too busy. But no sneakers with thislook--boots, loafers, high-end slip-ons, even construction boots would be a better look towards keeping you from being AC Slater 


But the final key to this luck is really keeping whatever piece you pair it with high-quality and strictly stylized… Not uncomfortable or overly formal but intentional --and not too loose or ragged looking.

The comfort alone will make it worth the extra styling effort.


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