Monday, January 05, 2015

Inspiration Monday

New Year--New Projects

Once all the Christmas is packed away, the cleaning eating has started and the party schedule has cleared I like to try and focus on my home and change things up.... Whether it is finding things to donate to make space for all the new gifts from the holidays or a new craft project or two during the yearly "down" time--I just love using this time to work on making home more homey.....

And I love going through places like Pinterest, Apartment Therapy and other crafty websites for ideas and especially love finding cheap and easy ideas to make things look high-end and custom made. I know I have thrown up different ideas here in the past but every so often I get ideas sent to my by readers that I'd also like to share:

This picture was sent to me by a reader named Frankie--she knows how much I love the Ikea hacking aesthetic. The idea of using two cheap shelving units to create a console table is not only easy and affordable but also looks like a custom storage piece which just adds to the overall value. I also like how it creates its own visual room--like a walkway meets library.

This picture was sent by a reader named Wendy--I love the use of tiny shelves for displaying book covers as art... I also love how the grouping pairs art, books, photography and small items in a useful way and could be a perfect idea for a kitchen using cookbooks, framed handwritten family recipes and small items like salt and pepper shakes or garlic presses.

And while these are all simple changes--my personal favorite is a link sent by Chloe... It is worth reading to see how to custom a pair of cheap chairs into high end art deco pieces like these:

Seriously--read the link art chair hack

So feel free to comment below with any suggestions for home art and storage ideas--I'm always looking for new ideas

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